Community Development Goes Green

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December 2, 2010

The Mel King Institute for Community Building hosted an Innovation Forum discussion on the current state of green efforts and initiatives within the community development field. The forum included a presentation of MACDC’s new report, “Community Development Goes Green”, which can be accessed here.  Local CDCs from far and wide learned about greening opportunities and asked questions to a very knowledgeable panel made up of Madeline Fraser Cook, LISC Green Development Center; Mariella Tan Puerto, The Barr Foundation, and John Kassel, The Conservation Law Foundation.

Several groups reported on some of their “green work”. These included:

• South End Technology Computer Lab, which spoke about innovative thinking related to future transportation such as green wheels, scooters, and the electric cars
• Urban Edge, which highlighted their work on “green” education for residents
• Neighborhood Of Affordable Housing, which reported on greening spaces and community gardens, and organizing around sustainability.
• Homeowners Rehab, which reported on innovative retrofits to their affordable housing portfolio.
• Franklin CDC, which spoke about their “Food Processing Center” and support for “agricultural entrepreneurs” in their community.

Massachusetts’ community development field has accomplished and will continue to accomplish a great deal in greening the neighborhoods that it works in. Every possible project is one more opportunity to engage and educate our communities and neighbors in this effort.

Read more about how Boston LISC is greening our neighborhoods here.

* In the above picture Don Bianchi (MACDC), John Kassel (The Conservation Law Foundation), Mariella Tan Puerto (Barr Foundation), Topper Carew, South End Technical Center, Madeline Fraser Cook (LISC Green Development Center) Bob Van Meter (Boston LISC), Kim Foltz (Neighborhood of Affordable Housing), Noah Maslan (Urban Edge) and Beverly Craig (Homeowners Rehab).

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