Mel King Institute Training A Success

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March 2, 2011

“I will be able to review financial information from a new view point and with a new understanding”, said one participant of the Nonprofit Housing Management Specialist, a four-day course sponsored by the Mel King Institute for Community Building in late February. These words were echoed by the other participants in the training, all of whom felt better equipped to manage their affordable housing properties and generate sustainable revenue sources following the training.

The course was led by Judy Weber, an experienced housing consultant who has worked with the Mel King Institute on other technical assistance initiatives. Weber covered topics including marketing and occupancy issues; the role of the asset manager and the asset management plan; and construction of a deal book, in which she trained the participants on how to compile a deal book for each of their projects. Weber’s expertise in asset management was well-noted by one of the participants who remarked, “Judy was one of the best instructors I have ever trained with.”

The course culminated in a final presentation where small groups looked at a struggling property and presented mock board presentations to the rest of the class. The presentations tested the participants problem-solving skills and ability to think creatively to help improve under-performing affordable housing. Solutions ranged from offering discounted after-hours day care to offering monetary incentives to new tenants. Weber stated that the presentations were some of the best she had seen and that the participants had successfully learned the key concepts of the four day class. The overall feeling of the training was summed up by one participant who stated, “Great job by all!”.

The Nonprofit Housing Management Specialist is the second course in the Certified Housing Asset Management (CHAM) curriculum. The Mel King Institute will continue to offer CHAM classes to help community development professionals learn skills to better manage their affordable housing properties. All participants stated that they were interested in pursuing the CHAM certification and the Mel King Institute looks forward to partnering with these people in the future. Learn more about the Mel King Institute here.

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