Bay State Banner: Mel King Institute fills gap in community

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By Sandra Larson, Bay State Banner

R. Michelle Green already had 20-plus years’ experience in business and education administration when she joined Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation as its chief operating officer in 2010. But operations at a nonprofit community development corporations (CDCs) presented an entirely different challenge.

“Real estate development for CDCs is complicated,” explained Green. “While for-profit companies pick a niche, CDCs have to get involved with everything. To build a neighborhood, they may have to do a shopping center here, housing here.”

At the other end of the career ladder is Lauren Coy, 22. The recent Tufts University graduate needed to ramp up her economic development knowledge when she became an AmeriCorps volunteer at a Boston Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Financial Opportunity Center. Coy had a background in community health, but helping low- and moderate-income families learn to build assets and gain financial self-sufficiency pushed her into unfamiliar territory.


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Boston LISC provided support to MACDC for research on training needs and the creation of a business plan for the Institute. We also made the first financial commitment to support the Institute’s operation and will continue to collaborate with MACDC to ensure the Institute’s success.


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