Financing for Community Development

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Operating Year:

1981 - present

Our Funders, Other Lenders,
community development borrowers
Supporting Affordable Housing,
Catalyzing Comprehensive
Community Development
LISC Boston provides financial
support for community
development real estate
projects, including affordable
housing and other community
led projects.
LISC Boston offers a variety of financial products that support the development of affordable housing and other community revitalization projects, primarily to Community Development Corporations and other community-based partners. LISC Boston’s strategic priorities for lending are acquisition and predevelopment loans, but we will consider construction, working capital, permanent and mini-permanent financing in some cases. Please see our latest financing terms here.
LISC Boston’s Role
LISC Boston is a flexible lender and will tailor terms to fit the specific needs of the organization and project. We will provide financing for rental housing, for-sale housing, community facilities (charter schools, child care facilities, community centers, and health care facilities) and economic development (commercial space, retail projects, etc). Our financial products include:
Pre-Development Loans
LISC Boston offers pre-development loans up to a 3 year term, with interest payable monthly or quarterly, and repayment required at construction closing.
Acquisition Financing
We provide acquisition financing up to a 3 year term, with interest payable monthly or quartely, and repayment required typically at construction closing.
Recoverable Grants
LISC Boston offers occasional small, interest-free, unsecured recoverable grants (available only to CDCs) for predevelopment expenses of projects early in the development process. 
Permanent Financing
LISC Boston offers very low-interest permanent financing for affordable housing in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville through our Harvard 20/20/2000 loan fund, in conjunction with a conventional permanent lender. The maximum term is about 14 years, amortized over a 20 year schedule, repayable in full on the balloon maturity date. 
Mini-Permanent Financing
For projects not eligible for the low interest permanent financing, LISC Boston offers mini-permanent loans, with up to a 7 year term, amortized over a maximum of 12 years, repayable in full on the balloon maturity date. Mini-Permanent rates are fixed at closing.
Revolving Working Capital Loans and Lines of Credit
LISC Boston offers flexible working capital and lines of credit for organizations taking on a number of projects, such as complex transit oriented development projects. These are up to 2 year term, revolving, repayable at construction financing closing, with security required.
Green Loan Fund

Through National LISC’s Green Development Center, LISC Boston has access to a small Green Loan Fund for predevelopment loans and recoverable grants for early green planning, consulting and design, and small construction loans (up to $75,000) to finance specific green elements where the loan can be repaid through energy savings.


Equitable Transit-Oriented Development Accelerator Fund

The Equitable Transit-Oriented Development Accelerator Fund (ETODAF) was created by LISC Boston, The Boston Foundation, and the Hyams Foundation to provide developers with streamlined access to acquisition and predevelopment capital that can be used to acquire and advance strategic properties along transit corridors. Read more.
LISC Boston has access to New Markets Tax Credit Equity and Low Income Housing Tax Credit Equity through our affiliate, The National Equity Fund.

To learn more about LISC Boston’s financing products or to request funds for a specific proposal, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  at  (617) 410-4334.

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