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Operating Year:
1995-2006, revived in 2009

Greater Boston CDCs
Building Community Capacity, Greening Our Neighborhoods


LISC Boston places AmeriCorps members with local CDCs to increase their capacity to green their
affordable housing, build sustainable communities, and address current issues like the foreclosure crisis.
From 1995 to 2007, LISC Boston operated an AmeriCorps program which, as a central component of our mission and strategy around CDC capacity building, had a significant impact on local communities.  From 2009 to 2012, LISC Boston built on that experience and restarted an AmeriCorps program on a sustainable scale.  The program, which currently includes 12 members, addresses critical community needs: affordable housing development, response to the foreclosure crisis, community planning and leadership development.
Measurable Outcomes
Affordable Housing Development
LISC Boston AmeriCorps members help CDCs meet the housing needs of low- and moderate-income populations. Members currently work with CDCs to help green their affordable homes and achieve other signficant housing milestones each year.
Leadership Development and Community Organizing for Community Priorities
LISC Boston AmeriCorps members conduct membership drives, assist in community organizing and foster participation from residents of low and moderate communities in a variety of community activities. We anticipate that members will identify and help train at least sixty new community leaders each year.
Homeownership and Foreclosure Counseling   
LISC Boston AmeriCorps members assist in counseling homeoweners facing foreclosure and in counseling low and moderate income first time homebuyers. We anticipate that members will assist at least 200 families facing foreclosure and will counsel at least 100 families seeking to buy their first home each year.
Community Safety Organizing in Foreclosure Hot Spots
LISC Boston AmeriCorps members work as part of a Community Safety Initiative organizing teams to address community safety concerns in Boston neighborhoods where clusters of foreclosed property have pushed neighborhood areas past a tipping point and created extreme community safety concerns. We anticipate that LISC Boston AmeriCorps members will assist in a strategy that will increase public perceptions of safety in a defined foreclosure hot spot area.
Resilient Communities  
LISC Boston anticipates that at least one AmeriCorps member will be hosted by a CDC that is partnering with LISC Boston as a Resilient Communities/Resilient Families convening agency. During the first year, that work will consist of relational organizing work and initial steps in the Community Quality of Life Planning Process. We anticipate that members will assist in a strategy that engages at least fifty community leaders in the initial phase of a community quality of life planning effort in the first year.
How to Get Involved
Community Partners
Community Partners can become involved in the LISC Boston AmeriCorps program by responding to the RFP we issue each summer for AmeriCorps members. For more information on the LISC AmeriCorps program, please contact
Marizabel Benoit
Potential AmeriCorps members
To become a LISC Boston AmeriCorps member, contact 
Marizabel Benoitand visit our Career Opportunities page.

Our Impact

Since 2004, LISC Boston AmeriCorps members have...

»Recruited 1,098 volunteers who served 9,028 hours supporting various programs.

»Engaged 434 at-risk youth in activities that helped them stay off the streets and out of gang activities.

»Served as housing development directors, senior community organizers, program directors at CDCs.

»Trained hundreds of first time homebuyers and provided financial literacy training to hundreds more. 

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